How A Cleveland Workers Compensation Lawyer Helps After A Claim Is Filed

When a person is injured at work, it’s important to start the worker’s compensation claim process as soon as possible. Most employers understand the process very well and will guide their injured workers through the system. But some others, including new business owners or those who never had to deal with a workplace injury, may not be absolutely certain of how to advise their employees to proceed. This is where a Cleveland Workers Compensation Lawyer can be of assistance.

First Steps

The Bureau of Workers Compensation has a very specific set of steps that must be followed to get a claim approved. The first step is to file the appropriate preliminary paperwork. If the employee goes to the emergency room or urgent care center, this might be done on their behalf. However, those employees who don’t notice their injuries right away or who see their family doctor instead of the employer’s preferred physician might need to file the claim on their own. Doing so correctly is paramount for a successful claim and payment for medical bills or lost wages. Injured employees who are unsure of how to fill out the forms might get help from a Cleveland workers compensation attorney.

After the Claim is Filed

The next stage of the process is a review by the Bureau of Workers Compensation. When the claim is filed correctly, and within the appropriate time frame, valid workplace injuries and illnesses are typically approved. However, those that don’t meet the criteria because of technical errors are commonly denied. This is where a disability compensation attorney in Cleveland could be very helpful. If an appeal is going to be filed, it must be done very quickly. Injured workers don’t have very long to prepare for the hearing so having an experienced attorney by their side might make a huge difference.

The Appeal

Workers will have the opportunity to present their case to a hearing officer as long as they request it within 14 days of the denial. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Cleveland might be more prepared to gather the necessary paperwork and find doctors to testify on their clients’ behalf than injured workers could on their own. With the limited time frame, employees who want to file an appeal must get ready for the hearing very quickly. Unless they have a strong case with professionals ready to testify for them, it only makes sense to hire an attorney.

Winning at the appeal hearing can make a huge difference for the future of an injured worker. With an approval, they can get the medical care they need and, if they are unable to work for a period of time, they can get a steady income while they recover. Many people are uncertain of whether their employer will hold their job for them after they suffer an injury. This can take the uncertainty away and allow an injured worker to get better without worrying about whether their employer will take them back.

Hiring a workers comp attorney in Cuyahoga Falls does not involve any risk. Attorneys who focus on this area of law in Ohio work on a contingency basis. This means they won’t charge a fee unless their client collects money. Lawyers have an incentive to do their best to help their clients and the ineffective lawyers change their focus rather quickly so they aren’t usually a factor. Workers compensation attorneys have very specific knowledge the general public won’t have regarding workers compensation laws and the appeals hearing process. By consulting a lawyer prior to filing a claim or even after the claim has been denied, an injured worker can gather very useful information that could help them win their case.

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