Ways A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Cleveland Could Help An Injured Employee

Employers in the state of Ohio are required to provide worker’s compensation benefits to their employees. Some employers do this by purchasing a policy while others self-fund their worker’s compensation benefits. In either situation, it is in the employer’s best interests to limit claims and pay out the least amount on each claim that is allowed. The majority of Ohio companies take steps to reduce the likelihood their employees will be injured on the job. However, when those businesses have to pay an injury claim, they sometimes make it difficult for their employees to get the care they need to enable them to get back to work. Any person who has trouble getting the help they are entitled to under the law should contact a Cleveland workers compensation attorney right away.

The strict deadlines make it difficult for some people to file their claims on their own. Many times, this claim is filed by the hospital, urgent care center, or physician that saw the employee immediately following the injury. When this doesn’t happen as expected, an injured worker has a limited amount of time to file a claim and the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation must make a decision on the claim within 28 days. Claims are often denied simply because the BWC did not receive all the information needed to approve them. An Independence Ohio workers compensation lawyer could help a client fill out the necessary paperwork to ensure it is complete so the claim can be properly evaluated when it is initially received.

In cases where an injured employee’s claim has already been denied, it’s not too late to get the professional assistance of a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cleveland. The BWC has an appeals process that allows those who believe their claim was denied in error to have it reconsidered. The time frame to submit the appeal is only 14 days, so it’s important to work quickly. An experienced attorney may be able to help a client get the required information to the BWC in advance of the deadline. This will allow the agency to review the specifics of the claim again and make a determination about benefits.

At this hearing, the employee and the employer may be present and they may both present their case regarding whether they believe the claim should be paid and what benefits should be allowed. Businesses typically have a lawyer there to represent their interests, and employees are wise to have a Cuyahoga Falls workers compensation lawyer by their side as well. A lawyer may prepare their client for the hearing by explaining the process and the types of questions they might be asked. An experienced attorney could be a very valuable asset for a worker who really needs medical attention due to their injury and who is unable to work until they have recovered.

Unfortunately, in many of these cases, the business attempts to discredit the employee at the appeals hearing. They may imply the worker was at fault for their accident or even that the accident didn’t happen the way it was reported. A client might expect their seasoned disability compensation attorney in Cleveland to stand up to the company and aggressively defend the employee. These attorneys know the law and aren’t afraid to go up against corporate lawyers who serve the interests of the employers, not the employees. Although it might take several hearings to get the BWC to understand the significance of the injury and approve the claim for medical benefits and lost wages, a skilled worker’s compensation lawyer is ready to use the law to their client’s advantage and get them the compensation and medical care they need to recover from their accident.

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