When To Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Cleveland

Financial protection is offered to employees who suffer from workplace injuries or illnesses contracted as a result of their employment. It guarantees that, after an injury, people are able to receive medical care, have money to support themselves and their families, and employers hold their positions open for them until they are ready to return. Everyone would like to believe that, if they were injured, it would be a simple process to get the compensation they need and deserve. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Benefits are declined too often, and the injured person is left struggling as a result. A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cleveland is the best defense any employee has in this situation.

What should someone do after a workplace injury?

An injured employee must report their injury to their employer immediately and receive medical assistance as soon as possible. The injury must be reported to the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC) within 24 hours. Injured parties are able to access these reports online using their social security number to ensure the report has been filed. If the employer refuses to allow the employee to file a claim or the claim cannot be found in the BWC database, it is important to contact a Cleveland workers compensation attorney for assistance.

Why are claims denied?

There are many reasons why claims are denied. The claim may have been filed late. The employer may deny the injury happened at work or state there was no injury. Physician reports are accepted by the BWC only if the doctor is certified by them. It is necessary to make certain injured workers visit the right medical facility. In some instances, the injury is not considered severe enough to qualify for compensation. The benefit of using a Cuyahoga Falls workers compensation lawyer is that they help to prevent denials by thoroughly researching the incident and including all necessary information with the initial claim.

Can a denial be reversed?

If an injured employee is denied their claim, a lawyer can assist them in filing an appeal. However, this must be done quickly because appeals are expected to be filed within 14 days of the initial ruling. Choosing an experienced Independence Ohio workers compensation lawyer is important at this point because they must gather all information in a short period of time and address and argue against the denial.

What happens at a worker’s compensation hearing?

Hearings are scheduled whenever a claim is disputed. During the hearing, each of the parties involved will present their side of the story. All information about the actual accident, including the medical records, is reviewed. When a lawyer is representing a client, they are able to speak on their behalf as well as bring in any witnesses, medical experts, or others that may have valuable input related to the case. The employee may have to attend the hearing even if a lawyer is representing them.

What if the injury is permanent?

Permanently disabled workers may never return to their career field or any job. A disability compensation attorney in Cleveland is also capable of assisting with this type of situation as well. They review all of the details of the case to determine the extent of the employer’s responsibility for the injury. This could be the result of a lack of training, failure to provide proper safety equipment, and other types of negligence. They factor in the loss of income based on the wage the employee was previously receiving and consider whether the disability will affect their personal life as well. This is done to determine if additional compensation is deserved.

People work every day to pay the bills necessary for survival. An injury can take away the ability of people to pay these bills. Worker’s compensation prevents people from forgoing medical care, losing their homes, or going hungry while they are too injured to work. No one should allow their employer to take this right away from them or accept the decision of the BWC when they are genuinely injured. Seek help from a compensation attorney to ensure compensation for lost wages is approved as well as any additional payments the employee is qualified to receive.

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