6 Common Questions About Workers Compensation

A work-related injury or illness can cause major changes to your quality of life. Most employers are fair regarding workers compensation in Independence Ohio, but there are times when receiving the compensation, you deserve is very difficult. The injured worker is commonly left to fend for themselves through the complicated claim process.
Obtaining fair monetary compensation for your work-related injury or illness can make a huge difference in the way you put your life back in order.
It is especially beneficial to speak to an Ohio workers compensation attorney who understands your legal options. Not only will the compensation process be much easier, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you received full compensation for your damages.

Let’s explore six common FAQ About Workers’ Compensation

1. What steps should I take after a work-related injury?
Immediately after an injury, you should seek a supervisor, call for medical attention, and request a workers’ compensation claim form. Hiring an Ohio workers compensation attorney can make a big difference in a positive outcome.

2. What benefits am I entitled to?
There are generally four benefits a worker is entitled to:

  • Medical treatment to treat the injury and after-effects.
  • Disability payments if you are unable to return to work.
  • Permanent disability compensation if injury has extensive effects.
  • Vocational rehabilitation to ensure your employment can be modified and continued.

3. Who is responsible for paying the benefits?
Private insurance companies cover the payments. Employers are legally required to have workers’ compensation coverage.

4. Who can I speak to about my case?
It is highly recommended that you immediately hire an Ohio workers’ compensation attorney to handle your claim. The law offices of Robin J. Peterson Company, LLC, has over 30 years of successful experience getting full compensation for workers compensation in Independence Ohio. They have helped families secure approvals and coverage for all required medical treatment and monetary benefits permitted under Ohio law.

5. Do I have to use the company doctor for my medical treatment?
All states have different laws regarding which doctor an injured worker able to use. Your state might allow you to select the doctor in advance to treat an industrial injury. Consult your attorney for the latest statue information that applies to you.

6. Will I be able to return to the same job?
Your Ohio workers comp attorney will confirm your state laws, but generally, an employer can grant your old or an alternate position with adjusted accommodations and pay. Vocational rehabilitation benefits are often used to help the injured victim go back to a comparable occupation.

Call the legal experts at Contact Robin J. Peterson Company, LLC for your free case evaluation.

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