What Is The Role Of A Workers Comp Attorney And How Can They Help You?

A serious injury at work can devastate an employee, their family and future income. Even minor injuries bring lost wages, medical bills and stress. In either case, you need an attorney to protect your rights so you can focus on healing.
What does a workers comp attorney do?
The role of an attorney in a workers compensation case is to obtain the best result for the client. It is this skill in obtaining that result that makes hiring an attorney essential. Everything the attorney does increases the likelihood of more benefits for the injured worker.

Workers compensation has its own set of laws and rules in each state. All negotiations take place between the insurance carrier for the employer and injured workers. An Independence Ohio injury attorney does all the negotiation on behalf of his client. The skill and knowledge of the attorney is invaluable to obtaining the best result.

Why do you need an attorney?
An Independence Ohio workers compensation lawyer knows what the client is entitled to receive. That includes all reasonable medical bills related to the work injuries paid in full, lost wages, partial and permanent disability. These are all legal terms. An attorney knows the legal definition of these terms and how to maximum recovery. Each case is different so the worker needs an attorney who can argue on their behalf. In addition, the attorney knows how to deal with cases when there is an issue about whether or not the worker can return to their prior job, or if the employer has to provide another job based upon the medical condition and physical limitations of the worker.

An Independence Ohio injury attorney is also important in the final resolution of the case. It may be in the best interests of the client to take a lump sum settlement and move on to another employer. The worker may want to take funds for a partial disability and continue to work for the same company. In some cases there can be no settlement and the case will proceed to a hearing. The attorney knows which path is best for the client, and the injured worker has an expert to give the best advice.

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