The Benefits Of Hiring A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Cleveland

Any employer in the state of Ohio must carry workers compensation insurance. This is true for those who have only one employee and those who employ thousands of people. Laws pertaining to this type of coverage may be found by searching the Ohio Administrative Code or the Revised Code, yet many people don’t understand the legal terms used in these documents. For this reason, anyone injured while on the job should seek the services of a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cleveland for assistance. The attorney works to explain the procedures employers are required to take following an injury, payment procedures, and more.

Obtaining Compensation Under The Law

A claim must be filed immediately when a person is injured on the job. Any delay may lead to a denial of the claim and the worker being responsible for all expenses related to their injury. Once the injury or illness has been reported, the employer then sends the worker to a doctor covered by their insurance to determine the nature and extent of the illness or injury along with an estimated time for recovery. A Cleveland workers compensation attorney can be of assistance if the worker feels the doctor did not handle the situation properly or diagnose them correctly.

Filing This Claim

Employees must file the workers compensation claim using a specific form, and many of these claims are filed electronically when the party goes to obtain medical treatment. Once the claim has been received by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, the worker receives a claim number. Many employees do not know to look for this claim number, believe their claim has been filed, and learn too late that it has not. This claim number is used to identify a claim and needs to be placed on any documents filed with the bureau.

Statute Of Limitations

Workers need to ensure they file their claim in a timely manner. In the event a claim is not filed before the statute of limitations expires, the worker will find they cannot obtain compensation for the illness or injury they sustained on the job. It is best to speak to a workers compensation attorney immediately to determine the time limit for the claim, as this can be very confusing to the average person. For example, a person filing a claim for an occupational disease has six months from the date of diagnosis or two years from the date he or she became disabled. Time limits may differ for the death of a worker or an injury, thus legal guidance should be sought.

Types Of Compensation Available

Workers often assume the employer is responsible for nothing more than any medical expenses or rehabilitation services related to the injury or illness. In fact, as an Independence Ohio workers compensation lawyer will explain, the employer may also be liable if the employee’s wages will be reduced as a result of their injury or illness and for any permanent injuries impacting their ability to work in the future. This insurance is designed to ensure both the employee and employer are protected if an illness or injury does occur.

Contact a Cleveland workers compensation lawyer if you have been injured or become ill while on the job. He or she can help take you through the process of filing a claim and obtaining the compensation you deserve. Employers in the state have a duty to ensure working conditions are safe at all times, and any failure to do so leaves them liable for the injuries and illnesses arising as a result. Sadly, some employers neglect this duty and their workers pay the price. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Speak to a disability compensation attorney in Cleveland concerning your case today.

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