Injured On The Job? Contact A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Cleveland For Help

On-the-job accidents are a fact of life. No matter what type of job you have, there is a potential to suffer a debilitating injury. Even a relatively minor injury can lead to lost time from work and significant medical expenses, and that’s why it’s crucial that injured workers contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cleveland for help. Ideally, the workers compensation system in Ohio would seamlessly cover all injured workers but, in reality, that doesn’t always happen. If you’ve been injured, legal experts routinely suggest that injury victims contact a disability compensation attorney in Cleveland as soon as possible after receiving proper medical attention to treat the injury. There are several advantages of working closely with an attorney when filing a workers compensation claim.

Getting the Compensation Due

When a worker is injured, it’s often difficult to get the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to recognize the seriousness of the situation and make appropriate payments. By its very nature, the system is complex, and injured workers typically find it difficult to navigate all the requirements involved to reach a settlement. A workers comp lawyer in Cleveland Ohio enters the picture. The attorney will be well-versed in the strategies necessary to achieve a settlement that covers not only lost wages but also future wages and any permanent disability limiting the worker’s ability to function normally.

Obtaining the Medical Care Necessary

In many cases, needed treatments will be denied, leaving an injured worker without the means to obtain treatments or surgeries necessary to recover. An Independence Ohio workers compensation lawyer will take the necessary steps to obtain approval for required treatments, surgical procedures, and medications. Obtaining that approval is an important step in the recovery process for an injured worker.

Minimizing or Eliminating Waits for Benefits

Insurance carriers will, as a rule, delay payments for as long as possible. However, an attorney like Robin J. Peterson always works diligently to ensure payments are quickly made to injured workers, reducing the level of stress when bills are stacking up and those paychecks are not coming in.

Making Sure Your Settlement is Fair

An attorney working for injured workers understands the system and knows how to properly assess the compensation customarily provided for a specific type of injury. Since each type of injury and the degree of disability resulting are somewhat different, it’s virtually impossible for an injured worker to know if a settlement offer is within the parameters typically provided for that category of injury.

Working With Investigators When Safety Violations are Present

Many work-related injuries are caused directly or indirectly by the employer’s failure to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. When violations are present, workers may have an additional recourse for recovering damages. An attorney will coordinate with investigators to determine what violations may have occurred that contributed to a client’s injuries. Finding and correcting safety violations not only serves to solidify an injured worker’s claim, but also reduces the chances of other workers suffering similar injuries in the future.

Robin J. Peterson Company, LLC., has been providing representation for injured Ohio clients for over 30 years. As a reputable Cleveland workers compensation lawyer, Robin Peterson has helped injured workers to obtain the money the system was always intended to provide. While insurance carriers and employers may seek to circumvent the system, there is no reason for an injured worker to accept less than they are entitled to. If you’ve been injured while on the job, contact an attorney for help as soon as possible to avoid losing the benefits you need. If you have any questions related to a work-related injury, don’t hesitate to contact Robin J. Peterson for help today.

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